Steven Nestor Photography

Monte Cassino (con amore) Steven Nestor T&G Publishing, Australia

Work and Experience 

3Shots Festival triptych 2021. Third Place Jury Award

‘A poetic approach to an alarming topic, poetically captured between grains of sand, water, air, and the texture of a black and white photograph. Movement and stillness juxtaposed in harmony: a dead fish, waves of water, and wind. As photographer Steven Nestor describes: a search for traces of something that defies mapping and understanding.’

Selected for Imago Lisboa Portfolio Review 2021

Shortlisted for Charta Photobook Festival 2021

South of Cancer, 2020

Monte Cassino (con amore)

T&G Publishing, 2019

Art Book Fair, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios 2018

Man Made Erosion, APhF18, Benaki Museum, Athens, 2018

Participant in the J Book Show at the Glucksman Gallery as part of Cork Photo 2018

Art Book Fair at Temple Bar Gallery & Studios 2017

‘A selection of Ireland’s leading architects and artists have been invited to recommend books and publications inspiring to their practice. Interweaving art and architecture to engage diverse audiences, the focus is on the interdisciplinary aspects of these distinct disciplines, their contingencies and overlaps, as well as their explicitly divergent natures.’

Halftone 2017

A Natural History of Destruction, Athens Photo Festival 2017

Conclusion of MA in Art, Research and Collaboration at IADT, 2017

Bellum et Pax, PhotoIreland 2017

MA ARC curatorial team involved with TalkingPIIGS under the direction of Campo15 at the Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, 2016. The Irish artist represented and present was Fiona Marron with her 2013 project After Automation.

Photography Plus Context, Photography in Academic Research, 2016. UCL Institute of Archaeology, London, 2016. Paper: To a Presence of Absence: A Study of the Opera on the Ancient World by Herbert List and Joel Sternfeld via the writings of Martin Heidegger and Jacques Derrida’. Read a conference review by Dr Deborah Schultz.

Athens Photo Festival, 2016

Art | Memory | Space, IMMA, Dublin 2015. Paper: ‘City, Martyred

Kassel Fotobook Festival, 2015

Greetings from Ireland (PhotoIreland), 2014

Kassel Fotobook Festival, 2014

London Analogue Festival Sept 2013 & 2014

Photography Open Salon, Arles, 2012 // South East Asia, 2013

E Book Show, Feb 2013

Photo essays/articles contributor to Camera Obscura (

Open Salon, Arles, 2012 & Exhibition Catalogue

Blurb, PNB shortlist, Documentary, 2011

National Geographic, June, 2011

Short-listed for ‘Dummy Award’ at Fotobook Festival 2011, Kassel’s ‘Book of the Month’, October 2010

‘The Thing That Bruises You’, PhotoIreland Festival, 2010

Speaker at ‘Photography and International Conflict’, 2009 (UCD Clinton Institute for American Studies). Paper: “The Fog of Photography: Newsweek & the Vietnam War”.

Dublin Institute of Technology graduate (Photography), 2009

Hard Copy Publications

Monte Cassino (con amore), July 2019

Foto España XX Aniversario 1998-2017

Totally Dublin, May 2017

Landskrona Foto View: Ireland, 2016

Photography Open Salon Arles, An Eye for an Ear, Vanja Karas, 2012

National Geographic Magazine, June, 2011