Cassino / A Natural History of Destruction



Cassino town, 2014

A Natural History of Destruction centres on engaging with the severe devastation visited upon both the historic fourteenth century Benedictine monastery of Montecassino and nearby town of Cassino in Italy in 1944, and seeks to find traces of the event by photographically recording both its marks and invisibility in the topography of today, along with the recovery and recharging of artefacts from the site and their subsequent manipulation through detachment and substitution.

The photobook form of A Natural History of Destruction will feature in the Athens Photofestival 2017 at the Benaki Museum.

You can see a short video of my work here.

My work in progress was presented at IMMA’s post graduate research seminar Art, Memory, Place (2015).


A Natural History of Destruction was also chosen for the Art Book Fair at Temple Bar Gallery & Studios 2017

‘A selection of Ireland’s leading architects and artists have been invited to recommend books and publications inspiring to their practice. Interweaving art and architecture to engage diverse audiences, the focus is on the interdisciplinary aspects of these distinct disciplines, their contingencies and overlaps, as well as their explicitly divergent natures.’

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