Bellum et Pax 2017

As part of PhotoIreland 2017 Bellum et Pax featured in the major exhibition space at the Tara Building in Dublin city centre.

It was located in the basement which, being dank and humid, added an unexpected layer to the work as did the subsequent mould covering some of the more exposed images.

These are a few images documenting the newly available space and layout of the work.


The descent




Entering into the space


The fourth image along the right hand wall. This was one of three images in the exhibition that were printed in a traditional darkroom


An example of the surface that had to be worked with


The signature image installation in the far left hand corner: an enlarged and back-lit image from the early post-war period.


Two of the larger images from the post-war period on the near left wall

More images from the period and beyond can be viewed here in my portfolio section

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